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“Let’s Go Brandon” Meme Spurs Multiple Songs of the same name to Top of iTunes Charts…Even above adele!

Inspired by the NASCAR NBC reporter who misstated the chant by the crowd at the end of a recent NASCAR race, “Let’s Go Brandon” (F*ck Joe Biden) memes and songs have taken over social media and YouTube.

In one instance, a rap song version was banned by YouTube for allegedly using “medical misinformation” in the song. Meanwhile, two different rap songs of the same name “Let’s Go Brandon” have topped iTunes charts, even knocking Adele off the top spot.

The songs and memes have become a conservative rally cry, and the chants have broken out at sporting events recently, and even during public appearances by Joe Biden, who was booed during the Congressional baseball game. When asked about the chants, songs, and memes, most Democrats, including liberal media, have attempted to take the high road, calling it distasteful; however, during the last administration, anti-Trump chants, songs, and memes became a social media and protest norm, even by some members of the United States Congress.

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