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Statement from Henry County Board Chairman Jim Adams on VSA vote

If 2021 showed us anything, it showed us that we as a community should be on the same page before we enact anything as consequential as reversion. Community members in both the City and County made it crystal clear to the Commission on Local Government that they would like to see the process involve more citizen engagement and more input from the two school systems.

With the Board of Supervisors voting not to move forward with the Voluntary Settlement Agreement, we are given another opportunity to do just that. We have the opportunity for every member of City Council and the Board of Supervisors to come to the table and negotiate on behalf of our constituents. We have the opportunity to bring our respective schools and constitutional officers to that same table. We can allow our communities time to truly understand the weight of this decision, the opportunity to get this right.

Let us be driven by the consent of those who we represent.

That is what Henry County resolves to do in 2022. We sincerely hope our partners in the City of Martinsville have also heard the concerns of the community and resolve to do the same.

Any further comment on the matter will come from Henry County’s spokesperson on reversion, County Attorney George Lyle.

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