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ANAHELM, CA – The level of wrestling that UFC bantamweight Tony Gravely displayed at UFC 270 on Saturday night resulted in landing 11 takedowns on opponent Saimon Oliveira. Gravely fell just short of breaking the record.

“If only I could have gotten like 2 or 3 more. Maybe if I had like one more minute I could have gotten a couple more,” Gravely said with a laugh at his post-fight media scrum.

Gravely (22-7) defeated Oliveira (18-4) via unanimous decision after putting the Brazilian on the canvas 11 times in the fight.

“It’s a tough one. Wasn’t as pretty as I expected. Every time you go out there to get the finish but we knew he was tough. We knew that he was going to be relentless on the guillotines. He’s more of a striker. I guess i’ll have to watch to see exactly how I feel about my performance but obviously I’m happy to come away with the win and get back in the winning column.”

“He actually caught me with a front kick. It was his toes I remember his toes hit me in the eye. His toes that was like the first little bit of the round. The knees that he did, if I could remember correctly, I don’t think any of them landed to my face. I jammed a couple and they kind of hit my chest so I took him down. But the front kick is what got my eye in the first, if I could remember…you saw the fight, I was just in there.”

As for what’s next Gravely actually had a name ready.

“I’m not really big on call outs but I’d like to fight Chris Gutierrez. There was a fight, I think it was after the contender series, kind of forgot about it, and he called me out. I can’t let that go unpunished.”-CAGESIDE PRESS

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