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DEPP vERDICT: Amber Heard must pay over $10 million, Depp must pay $2 million

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Johnny Depp and Amber Heard both won, in part, their defamation lawsuits, a jury announced on Wednesday after deliberating for about 12 hours over three days.

After hearing weeks of testimony — including hours from both Depp and Heard themselves — the jury’s stunning decision found both defamation suits credible and awarded both actors millions of dollars in damages. Heard was to pay Depp $15 million, and Depp is to pay Heard $2 million.

The jury awarded Depp $10 million in compensatory damages, which is compensation for libel, and $5 million in punitive damages, which is the penalty for libel. But, because of a Virginia statute, Depp’s punitive damages are limited to $350,000 — making the total he’ll be awarded just over $10 million. Heard’s $2 million was awarded in compensatory damages.  FOX DC

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